Voting Precinct

Storm Lake Precincts
The City of Storm Lake working with the Buena Vista County Auditor's office and Election Commissioner maintain four (4) voting precincts in Storm Lake for all regular and special elections.

The four precincts are developed based on the guidelines set forth by the Secretary of State's office and were last updated on August 25th, 2011.

Polling Locations
The polling locations or voting locations are set by the Buena Vista County Auditor's office working in conjunction with the City of Storm Lake. The following locations are the current voting (polling) locations for the four Storm Lake Precincts:

Precinct #1 - Storm Lake Fire Station-401 E Milwaukee
Precinct #2 - Storm Lake City Hall-620 Erie Street
Precinct #3 - St. Mark's Lutheran Church-1614 W 5th Street
Precinct #4 - Chautauqua Park Shelter House-410 E Lakeshore Drive
Next Election Date
The next election date is: Tuesday, November 3, 2015
The election is for municipal elections and will take place with the polls open from noon to 8:00PM