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Keri Navratil, City Manager Greetings to you, either a first time guest or longtime resident. The City of Storm Lake is a Mayor/Council and City Manager form of government. The Mayor and Council set policy and the City Manager is responsible for implementing that policy and for the day to day operations of the City. Should you have operational type of questions or concerns it would be appropriate to contact me so that I and/or staff can be of assistance.

Storm Lake is also known as “City Beautiful.” It does not take long for a visitor to see why. The tree lined boulevards, beautiful lake, manicured lake shore parks, Kings Pointe Resort and Water Park, and a quaint downtown. But it does not stop there. Storm Lake is one of the most diverse communities in Iowa and the Midwest and the interaction of the various ethnic groups is also an asset to the City.

We are working on improving the quality of life and developing a more sustainable community. We are planning several large projects to improve the storm water management system as well as the waste water system. Council has moved ahead in developing new commercial and light industrial areas to attract new companies and create additional jobs. We have received housing rehabilitation grants to help home owners improve their property. The City is looking at ways to stimulate housing in the City.
Keri Navratil
Kings Pointe continues to be a success. This year has been the best year yet. The addition of four cottages will provide another dimension to serve visitors. The campground is currently being remodeled and will be opened for business later this year and early spring.

The City, in cooperation with the Lake Improvement Commission and Iowa Department of Natural Resources, continues to improve Storm Lake water quality by dredging the lake. The goal this year is to remove more than 600,000 cubic yards of silt. Water quality continues to improve with the goal of achieving 28 inches of clarity in the lake. To preserve the lake, IDNR and the Lake Commission are proceeding with plans to improve Little Storm Lake by installing dikes, fish control structures, and water scrubbing devices to keep the sediment from entering into Storm Lake.

Storm Lake has a lot to offer and City Council and Staff are committed to treat our citizens and customers with dignity and respect, striving to anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. We want to be a premier recreational and economically progressive community that provides not only for today but for future generations.

Thank you for visiting our site.

Keri Navratil
City Manager