Whitetail Deer

General Information
Whitetail deer are commonly found in the Little Storm Lake area and throughout the North American Continent. They are the smallest of the North American Deer family mammals.

Whitetail deer are a commonly hunted mammal during authorized hunting seasons in Iowa. Hunting is allowed in the Little Storm Lake area so visitors to the Little Storm Lake Discovery Center Boardwalk area should be aware of the seasons and take caution during the season including wearing orange.

Whitetail deer are known for the white on the underside of their tail which is shown when the deer start to run and/or are alerted to danger.

Younger members of the species are commonly called fawns and typically have white spots. Males are called bucks and females are does. Whitetail deer have been known to live in captivity for between 6 to 14 years.

iStock-1086683346 White Tail Deer Tail
Whitetail deer are primarily nocturnal foraging for food at dusk and dawn. They are herbivores eating a wide variety of plants, seeds, and other vegetation.

National Geographic's Web Page has an audio file that you can listen to whitetail deer, you can find that link here.


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