West 5th Street Overlay Project

Project Overview
The West 5th Street Overlay Project will consist of the overlay of West 5th Street from Lake Avenue west to Vista Drive. Because part of the project is funded with State of Iowa funds the City will be required to bring all intersections of sidewalks to the most current ADA (American Disability Act) standards which will include some modifications to the grade of the sidewalks and the addition of truncated domes (shown on the right).

truncated domes image.jpg
In addition to the overlay and sidewalk repairs the contractor will repair and/or replace sections of deteriorated curbs and will patch deteriorated portions of the sub base under the current asphalt overlay.

The finished project will be an asphalt overlay on the street.

Project Blog
As a way of keeping citizens and visitors informed about the project and the progress on the project the City has developed a project blog for the page. The blog will be updated on a regular basis by City staff. Continue to check back on a regular basis to see updates.


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Project Budget
Information Coming Soon!

Key Project Highlights
This section will highlight some of the key project highlights for this project.

April 4, 2013 - Neighborhood Meeting for residents along the project area to learn more about the project and talk with City officials and the project engineer about any concerns that they have regarding the project.