Beavers are mammals found throughout the world and all over North America. They are known for their ability to manipulate and change their environment to suit themselves (much like humans). They do this by using their incredibly powerful jaws and large teeth to fell trees and shape branches. Using these trees and branches, as well as grasses and mud, they construct large dams to flood areas of forest or fields into ponds for the dome shaped homes they build, called lodges. These homes are usually situated in the middle of the pond and can only be entered from underwater.
Beavers are herbivores, feeding primarily on leaves, bark, twigs, roots, and aquatic plant life. They are one of the largest members of the rodent family, growing to approximately 23-39 inches with an 8-12 inch tail and weighing up to 60 pounds on average. Their back feet are webbed, making the excellent swimmers as they use those feet to propel themselves through the water and their tail as a rudder. They can live up to 24 years and are monogamous for life upon taking a mate.

Buena Vista University Beavers
There are several stories as to why the BVU mascot is the Beaver:
- Buena Vista University (BVU) used to be called the BV-ers. It sounded so much like beavers that they made the mascot the beaver.
- The beaver is a smart animal because it uses the resources within the environment around it make a living for itself. At BVU, they are taught to use the resources around them to make a difference in the world, just like the beaver.

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