HWY 7 3 Lane Conversion 2015


Project Overview
This project will widen the stretch of HWY 7 within the City of Storm Lake City limits from just east of Barton Street west to just west of the intersection with Northwestern.  The project is being done by the City of Storm Lake in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Transportation.  Included in the project will be turn lanes and an upgraded signal at the intersection of Northwestern and HWY 7.

Project Blog
As part of keeping residents and visitors up to date on the status of this project city staff will be updating and keeping a project blog on the project. The project blog will have periodic updates and will also contain pictures of the project as the project progresses. You can view the project blog from the following link:
Project Budget

This section of the project page outlines the cost of the project and where the funding for the project is coming from.

This project is funded in part by a generous grant from the Iowa Department of Transportation.

USTEP Grant - $400,000.00
STP Grant Funding - $341,000.00
Road Use Tax Funding -$425,000.00
Sales Tax Funding - $107,464.00
  Total Revenue $1,273,464
Engineering $130,000 Contracted
Construction $996,780.54 Contracted
Land Acquisition $5,000.00 Estimated
Legal & Admin $15,000.00 Estimated
Contingency $72,500.00 Estimated
Testing Services $3,450.00 Contracted
Railroad Cross Connect $50,633.67 Estimated
  Total Expenses $1,273,364
Key Project Highlights
The following are key highlights of the project up to this point in time:

  • December 2013 - The City of Storm Lake receives notice from Iowa Homeland Security that the State of Iowa will help fund the NC Storm Water Project and the Expansion Blvd Storm Water Project with State Sales Tax Revenues.
  • February 7, 2014 - Uploaded the preliminary concept map and a map showing the drainage area.
  • June 24, 2015 - All the land acquisition is now completed.  The Pre-construction meeting was held on the 24th of June and work should be starting within the next couple of weeks.