Comprehensive Plan

Storm Lake A Beacon For A Better Tomorrow BACKGROUND

The City of Storm Lake is currently collecting data for Storm Lake 2040: A Beacon for a Better Tomorrow, which is the city’s update to the comprehensive plan. A comprehensive plan lays the framework for the future of Storm Lake’s next twenty years based on available data and shaped by the voice of the community. The comprehensive plan is comprised of analysis of demographics, housing, land use, parks, infrastructure, transportation, and economic development. Storm Lake’s current comprehensive plan was completed in 2013. Many things have changed since 2013, with the largest issue in recent years being the Covid-19 pandemic. It serves as a reminder of what rapid changes can happen to communities. The comprehensive plan presents an opportunity to help create a resilient, forward-thinking, and transformative plan for Storm Lake.


A comprehensive plan defines the goals and aspirations of the community’s long-term development and will shape how Storm Lake will change in the future. The plan will guide land use and transportation patterns, identify needs for parks, utilities, infrastructure, housing, and other community facilities. The plan will include historical context of Storm Lake and work to guide public and private development and preservation of all lands and waters within the City and within the 2040 timeframe. In order for the comprehensive plan to provide the most benefit to the community, we are seeking input not only for the plan itself, but what aspects of Storm Lake community members would like to see change or stay the same.

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