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Application to Move Building

  1. StormLakecmyk-nobackground
  2. Application to Move Building
  3. Attach each of the following to the applicationn to move a building prior to submittal to the City of Storm Lake Building Official*
  4. A permit will be granted upon the verification of all statements made with regard to this application and following review of the route by various departments within the City of Storm Lake. Prior to a permit being issued the mover shall provide to the City of s=Storm Lake the insurance and bond requirements as outlined within the City of Storm Lake City Code and the applicant shall have paid the permit fee as designated by the City Council.
  5. Utilities Notified (attach letters):
  6. By submitting this application you agree that you will pay the fees in advance of the permit being issued, that you will contact al local utility companies with the date of the move. You agree to and understand that you will be responsible for escort fees as determined by the Storm Lake Police Department. You understand that the City reserves a 10 day review period from the date of submittal of this application.
  7. City of Storm Lake Use
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  9. City of Storm Lake Building Official ~ 620 Erie Street ~ Storm Lake, IA 50588 ~ 712-732-8002
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