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Rental Complaint Form

  1. Rental Complaint Form
  2. Rental Complaint Form
  3. Does the tenant currently live at this address:
  4. Has the landlord been contacted regarding this complaint?
  5. I understand that by filing this complaint that the City of Storm Lake will make contact with the owner/landlord fo the property to investigate the problem and try to find a resolution. I also understand the City will only investigate complaints that are from the current tenants of the property in which the complaint is received and that the name of the reporting party is public information and will be released to the owner at the time of notice. The City will make contact with the owner and/or manager within five business days of the date this complaint is received. I understand that there are some items in which the City may not be able to assist on and that in those cases the City will notify me using the contact information provided above.
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