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Rental Termination Notice

  1. StormLakecmyk-nobackground
  2. Rental Termination Notice
  3. As owner of this property I am hereby certifying to the City of Storm Lake that this property will no longer be used as rental housing in Storm Lake and therefore I am formally requesting that the property be removed from the Rental Housing Registration list in accordance with City of Storm Lake City Code Chapter 5-8-9.
  4. As part of this request to remove ther property from the rental housing registration I agree to and understand the following:
  5. 1. I am not entitiled to any refund of rental housing registration fees previously paid.
  6. 2. I understand that should this property ever be returned to rental housing that I am required to re-register the property, pay any required fees in place at the time of re-registration, and have the property inspected prior to occupation.
  7. 3. If the property is found to be used as a rental property subsequent to the termination of the registration per this form, I will be subject to a failure to register fee of $100.00 plus any other possible fines and penalties including municipal infractions which may be a per day fee for each day in which the property was rented and not registered.
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  9. Rental Termination form
  10. Building Official~ 712-732-8002 ~
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