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    Grass and Weed Maintenance

    With abundant moisture and warmer temperatures, grass and weeds can grow at an amazing pace. Read on...
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    King's Pointe Summer

    When the sun comes out, things heat up at King’s Pointe – Storm Lake’s community-owned waterpark resort. Read on...
  4. Tuesday&#39s Water Wisdom

    Tuesday's Water Wisdom

    Storm Lake Water Wisdom #53 brought to you this fine Tuesday from the City of Storm Lake involves Water Leak Detection. Read on...
  5. City of Storm Lake Project Update
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    Storm Drain Art

    Storm Drain Art is a pilot program for artists to show off their skills and assist the City of Storm Lake in providing information to the citizens and visitors of Storm Lake. Read on...
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    Keep Grass Clippings Off The Streets

    As summer approaches the City of Storm Lake would like to remind citizens the discharge of weeds, grass, leaves, shavings, or any type of rubbish being placed upon any street, alley, gutter, drain, or public ground are all prohibited. Read on...
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    Annual Hydrant Flushing

    The City of Storm Lake continues with the Annual Hydrant Flushing throughout the city. Zone 4 and 5 will begin on May 18, 2022. Read on...
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    Turtles Crossing near Frank Starr Park and Discovery Center Area

    With Spring’s arrival, turtles are crossing the road near Frank Starr Park and the Discovery Center Area. When driving in the area use caution, if possible, to avoid hitting them. It will make their day! Read on...
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    Fiber Optic Improvements

    The City of Storm Lake will be starting construction on the fiber optic improvements on Lakeshore Drive beginning Monday, May 9th. Read on...
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    Signs in Right of Way

    Spring has arrived and with it a colorful, healthy crop of signs for garage sales and other events. To help keep our City Beautiful we would like to remind you that special event signs should be removed not later than 24 hours from private property... Read on...
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    Annual Sewer Jetting

    Beginning Monday, May 2, 2022 through June 3, 2022. Read on...
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    Storm Lake Downtown Master Plan Update

    Seeking Community Input on Improvements Read on...
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    Highway 110 and Highway 7 Intersection Construction

    The City of Storm Lake will be starting construction on the highway 7 and Highway 110 intersection beginning on Monday, April 25th. Read on...
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    Volunteer Opportunities

    Sunday, March 20, marks the arrival of Spring in Storm Lake! Celebrate Spring by being Storm Lake Proud and volunteering as individuals, groups or business owners to put your personal touch on the community. Read on...
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