Investigations, Complaints & Appeals

Complaints & Investigations
Complaints about rental housing can only be made by current tenants of the rental property and shall be made in writing using the form provided by the City of Storm Lake.

At the time the complaint is made city staff will ask the tenant for any other type of documentation they may have, for example any pictures or letters they may have sent to the landlord. The tenant will be advised that the landlord will be notified regarding the complaint and a determination will be made on the vailidity and severity of the complaint and if an inspection is warranted. City staff will contact the landlord within (2) business days if a complaint falls under the rental criteria.

If the complaint falls under the criteria of the rental inspection program city staff will conduct an inspection within ten (10) business days of the complaint. The tenant will be contacted regarding the outcome of the inspection.

The Storm Lake City Council serves as the appeals board for disputes regarding notices of violations issued during a rental house inspection.

Owners of property who wish to make an appeal regarding a notice of violation of their rental property shall complete an appeal form provided by the City of Storm Lake.