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Leadership Storm Lake

May 06

Welcome & Introductions

Posted on May 6, 2015 at 1:35 PM by Justin Yarosevich

Welcome to the Leadership Storm Lake Class Blog for the 2015 Session!  

We have created and plan to use this blog to help your class communicate between classes about the topics from previous sessions or future sessions.  We hope that this tool is a great way to bring up additional questions that were not covered in class.  The goal is to have you graduating with all the knowledge you seek to become a better community leader!  

Here's how the blog works:  
Prior to upcoming sessions you might find a blog post that contains some information to think about or interact with (you post your thoughts to it in the comments section of that post) prior to the upcoming session!  It might include some homework that the presenter wants the class to work with prior to their session.  

After the session you will see a blog post with some highlights and maybe answers to questions that were raised that couldn't be resolved during class time or needed some follow up.  In addition, we invite you to post regarding any additional questions or comments that you have following the session, even if the session was a month ago!

We would ask that questions and comments regarding the class project be directed to the class project blog here on Leadership Storm Lake pages.  That way all that information is in one spot.

So welcome to the Leadership Storm Lake Program, we are excited to have you here!  Let's start by getting to know each other a little better so in the comments to this post please share your answer to the following question:  IF MONEY WERE NO OBJECT AND YOU HAD ONE MONTH TO TRAVEL WHERE WOULD YOU GO?  WHY?  ANYTHING SPECIAL ABOUT HOW YOU WOULD GET THERE?