Donation Program


Donations of every type are offered to the City of Storm Lake for general or specific purposes.  The City receives several requests each year from individuals wishing to donate items in honor of an individual.  The most popular donation request is a memorial bench with a personalized plaque embedded in the bench back.  The City is appreciative to receive such generous donations.   

This policy will guide the review and acceptance of such donations, confirm that the City has relevant and adequate resources to manage such donations, and ensure that the City appropriately acknowledges the generosity of the donor. Partnership opportunities for donations for community benefits should respect relevant legislative and policy provisions and occur within an ethical framework that preserves the integrity of municipal decision-making processes.

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines that 1) ensure donations occur at arm’s length from any City decision making process, 2)provide criteria and process for the acceptance of donations, and  3)give the City the ability to accept donations that meet its needs and capacity to maintain the donation.

This policy relates to voluntary donations to the City for community benefit.  The City desires to encourage donations, while at the same time considering fiscal impacts and on-going maintenance and operational costs. While this policy predominantly focuses on material donations, this policy should be considered to have broad applicability for unseen future donations.

The City has  11 playgrounds, 4 bathrooms, 3 ballfields, 2 tennis courts, 1 beach, Chautauqua Shelter, and other open shelters. The City is open to developing recreational areas with basketball courts, pickle ball courts, exercise stations and other options.  Providing multiple and varied options for enjoying recreation and the amenities in the community by improving facilities is a desired outcome.

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