Storm Lake Waste Water Plant

The Wastewater Department is responsible for treating all raw sewage coming into the WWTP, with maintenance keeping pumps, valves, and equipment in working condition.

The Sewer system is comprised of 62.85 miles of pipe that flows to the Wastewater treatment plant. The whole system relies prominently on gravity for flow. Once a sewer main is too deep, a lift station pumps water to a shallow line, where the process starts again. The city currently operates 21 lift stations with pumps ranging from 10HP to 300HP. Average daily flow coming into the plant is 2 MGD.

To ensure water quality leaving the plant is following DNR standards, Wastewater Operators use a SCADA system to monitor plant and lift station operations. Operators are on call 24/7/365 to respond to wastewater system emergencies.