Water Main Breaks - Notifications

Water Main Break

If you notice a water main break in your neighborhood the City of Storm Lake would appreciate you contacting the Buena Vista County Communications Center at 712-749-2525 and let the know the address in which you notice evidence of a water main break.

Typically water main breaks are evidenced by bubbling water in the street or the "parking area" (defined as the grass area between the street and the sidewalk) or the presence of flowing water outside of rain fall or snow melt events. 

While water main breaks are more common in the winter during colder periods of time they can occur during the summer months as well.


In some cases the repair of the water main will require our crews to shut off water to the area of the break.  In these cases Iowa Law requires that we notify the affected properties that a Boil Advisory (Alert) is in effect for their area.  Because water was shut off there is potential for contamination of the line in that area and as a precaution property owners are asked to boil their water until the City crews are able to conduct testing to ensure that the water is safe for potable uses.

Notification of a Boil Alert will be provided by door tag at the property affected.

In the event that your property is included in the boil alert (advisory) you should boil all water used for potable uses such as cooking, drinking, brushing teeth, etc. prior to using for those purposes.  The water may still be used for non-potable uses such as washing clothes, cleaning, etc.  To ensure a proper boil heat the water until it reaches a rolling boil and then continue to boil for a minimum of one (1) minute.  Once boiled cool the water prior to use.