Lead Water Line Service

The EPA and Iowa DNR are requiring all public water distributors to identify the material of water piping buried underground. The City of Storm Lake, along with communities across the nation, have joined efforts to eradicate lead-based water lines. The City has already begun identifying these lines, but with thousands of water service connections in the city, we could use your help. We are asking residents to locate where a home water line comes into their basement or crawl space and take a photo of the water line close to the floor or wall, including a fitting in the photo. 

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 We understand that locating water piping for a photo may be difficult for some. If you need assistance doing this, please call City Hall at 712-732-8000 and schedule a time for a public works employee to come to your house and get the information needed. The process will only take a few minutes. We appreciate and value your help and support!